Coffee Journaling Kit

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This carefully curated kit is designed to inspire creativity, awaken your senses, and capture the essence of your love for coffee. Whether you are a seasoned barista or simply enjoy the comforting ritual of a morning brew, this journaling kit is just for you.

Our Coffee Journaling Kit comes with a selection of aesthetic coffee-themed stickers. Decorate your journal pages with whimsical coffee cups, steaming mugs and pretty polaroids. We hope this kit will inspire your creativity and transform your journal into a true coffee lover's paradise.


  • Coffee Posters x 2
  • Coffee Stains (transparent stickers) Sheet x 1
  • Round Stickers Sheet x 1
  • Coffee Kisscut Sticker Sheets x 2 
  • Coffee Quotes Sticker Sheet x 1
  • Coffee Words Sticker Sheet x 1
  • Polaroid Stickers x 10
  • Mini Stickers x 10
  • Surprises!