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Colours Dot Sticker Set

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A set of 5 sheets with dot/ round stickers in various colour hues. Each sheet of colour is given a name from Buddhism as below-

1. Samsara (yellow) means “flowing-on” of the stream of consciousness from one moment to the next and from one lifetime to another.
2. Sattva (brown) means an enlightened being who remains in this existence to help others
3. Shanti (blue) simply means peace
4. Satroi (red) means an intuitive experience of Enlightenment
5. Samatha (green) means tranquility of the mind

These stickers are versatile and can be added anywhere and everywhere.

Size: A5 sheets | Dot sticker size 2 x 2 cm approx
Designs: 5 sheets with 35 circle stickers in each
Material: Sticker paper
How to use: Peel off the colour of your choice and simply paste it.

Made in India