Desi Quotes and Words Sticker Set

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Gone are the days of being restricted to traditional handwriting. Carefully chosen word selection, our Desi Word Sticker Set of 12 is the most requested product. 

With an array of captivating quotes, lyrics from our favourite songs, and uplifting words, our sticker collection allows you to effortlessly bring your thoughts and emotions to life on the pages of your journals in the most Indian way!

Featuring an exquisite range of styles, our sticker collection offers a versatile selection to suit every aesthetic preference, you will find the perfect stickers to make them truly unique.


  • Quotes and Words in White Font and Black Background x 4
  • Quotes and Words in Black Background and White Font x 4
  • Quotes and Words in Vintage Background and Black Font x 4

Size: 11.5 x 16.5 cm
Quantity: 12 sets
Material: Sticker Paper
How to use: Peel off the quote or word you want to use and simply paste it