Gratitude Gift by Bhakti Varma (Free Digital Printable)

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As a co-founder I wanted to give something to the community who has always helped us grow and showed immense support, appreciation and patience. As a form of gratitude I wanted to share something that was mine- and what is better than some pictures clicked by me as a freebie! 
It is more of a gratitude gift than a freebie, have curated some of my favourite clicks with a beautiful preset in a pdf format. All you have to do is get it printed!

Each design is approx: 4 x 7.5 cm
The pdf file consists of 3 pages
Each page is A4 size and consists of 12 designs

How to use: 
Step one: Download the PDF file- it will show up after the purchase and will also be sent to your inbox
Step two: Use sticker paper or any other printing paper to print, you will need a colour printer for this
Step three: Cutout the designs of your choice and use it in your journals
Step four: Please do give us credits when you use them

Kindly note- there will be no watermark on the original downloadable file