La Vie Parisienne Kit

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Introducing our Parisian Dreams Journaling Kit, where the enchanting allure of Paris comes to life on the pages of your personal journal. This beautifully curated kit is designed to inspire your creativity, ignite your imagination, and transport you to the romantic streets of the City of Light.

Add a touch of nostalgic charm to your journal spreads with a collection of vintage-inspired stickers. Featuring French motifs, illustrations of Parisian landmarks, and whimsical elements, these stickers will beautifully enhance your pages.

To immerse yourself even further into the Parisian atmosphere, we have included a set of music stickers adorned with popular French songs. 


  • Sticker Sheet x 3
  • Sticker Sheet Words x 1
  • Sticker Transparent x 2
  • Memo coffee papers x 5
  • Music Card Stickers x 5
  • Mini Stickers x 45
  • Paris is always a good idea (waterproof laptop/ water bottle sticker) x 1
  • Colour strips x 5 (non-adhesive)
  • Postcards x 3 (non-adhesive)
  • Surprises 

Made in India