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Curated a wholesome kit in the cosmic theme in collaboration with the band Kehkasha (which means a cluster of stars). Their music inspired us and took us on a journey deeper within and opened the door to cosmic heaven. We wanted to bring that vibe through our kit which includes the following:
1. Postcard x 1
2. Dot sticker sheets x 4
3. Moon Phase strip sticker x 2
4. Faux postage stamps stickers x 16
5. Cosmic wordbook (dictionary cards) x 1 (contains 50 designs, non-adhesive)
6. Cosmic Vellum Booklet x 1 (contains 50 designs, non-adhesive)
7. A7 size designs stickers x 12
8. Cutout stickers x 16
9. Kehkasha spotify sticker x 1

You can listen to Kehkasha here: