Wizarding World Kit

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If you are a potter head or just love everything magic, then this kit is for you! We have curated adding elements related to magic like stickers with potions, books, letters, trains, owls, foods and drinks... along with quotes and phrases. It is made to be as versatile as possible so it can be matched with other themes as well.

The wizarding world kit includes the below:

  • Magical Kisscut Stickers x 4 sheets
  • Food, Drinks, Desserts Kisscut Stickers x 3 sheets
  • Potions, Books, Suitcases Kisscut Stickers x 3 sheets 
  • Letters, Owls, Wands Kisscut Stickers x 4 sheets
  • Trains, Words, Elements Kisscut Stickers x 3 sheets
  • Book of Spells and Quotes (50 pages) x 1 
  • Patterned Papers x 10
  • Kraft Cover Journal x 1
  • Perforated Platform Tickets x 1 sheet
  • Mini Stickers x 35 nos